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Apple Health Kit Data Export Instructional Video

Collecting Your Apple Healthkit Data – Detailed Guide

Thank you for participating in our study. For those using an Apple Watch, we’ve set up an easy method for you to share your Healthkit data with us. For a visual guide, you can watch the video here:

1. Export Apple Health Data:

  • Locate the Health App: On your iPhone, find the Health App. It has a white icon with a red heart.
  • Access Your Profile: Once the app is open, tap on your profile picture or initials. These are usually located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Export Option: Scroll, if necessary, until you find the “Export All Health Data” option. Tap on it.
  • Confirm Export: A warning might appear regarding the volume of data you’re about to export. This is standard. Tap “Export” to proceed. Please wait patiently; depending on the amount of data, it might take a few minutes for the next menu to appear.

2. Save the Data:     

  • Access Share Menu: Once the data is ready for export, a share menu will pop up.
  • Choose Save Option: From the share menu, select “Save to Files”. This allows you to store the exported data on your device.
  • Remember File Location: A prompt will ask where you’d like to save the data. Choose a location that you’ll remember. Typically, the exported data will have the filename “export”, but ensure you note down the name and where you’ve stored it. Confirm your choice by tapping “Save”.

3. Upload to Strongbox:

  • Open Strongbox Link: You should have received a unique link with your email. Please click the link and it should open in your device’s browser.
  • Initiate Upload: Depending on the interface you see, tap on an “Upload” or “Add File” button.
  • Select Your Data: Navigate to where you saved your Health data in the previous step. Tap on the data file to select it, then confirm the upload by tapping “Open” or another “Upload” button.

Once we’ve successfully received and verified your data, we’ll send you a $15 Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation. If you encounter any challenges or have further questions, our support team is here to assist. We’re grateful for your time and contribution!